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Showthesizer is a web interface that allows users to generate audio-visual content from a library of video clips. Each clip was created by the artist in response to the inspirations and concepts that lie behind the artworks presented in the exhibition the man who sat on himself. Each exhibiting artist answered a series of questions concerning their artwork and ideas regarding space, time, materials and influences. From this, short videos were shot in order to create new ‘bites’ of artworks based around those in the exhibition. Showthesizer gives users the chance to assemble and play their own video-exhibition from these new ‘bites’ of information.

This work has been created with the idea of a DJ set in mind, where rhythm, speed and gaming have their crucial role in the interaction. Showthesizer stands as an allegory of the experience one could have by visiting the physical exhibition, shifting the gallery spaces into a virtual interface. The design of the icons was inspired by the exhibition floor plan and Sol LeWitt’s instructions for wall drawings. The entire game is meant to induce an abstract experience of something as serious as loneliness can be.


Showthesizer was made by Matteo Stocco in creative collaboration with Mariano Viola (Iperstudio collective), Luca Coppola (Aut, design collective), Sergio Ratti (sound composer), Luca Carrara (video assistant) and Roberta Da Soller (performer). A special thanks goes to Francesca Andriani, Alberto Stocco. This project was made possibile thanks to Zsuzsanna Stánitz, Kate Strain, and Angelica Sule, and Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo

note *some of the footage has been shot by Antonio Stocco during 1989/1992 between former Yugoslavia, Venice, and Trentino Alto Adige

Download the Showthesizer manual